Our company is located in fengxian district, Shanghai. At present, we have three companies: Shanghai ROVEN packaging materials CO., LTD., Shanghai wumei E-Commerce CO., LTD., and Shanghai yaomei supply chain CO., LTD.With the help of the comprehensive operation and management of Internet entities, we constantly strengthen product and technology innovation.Reduce the cost of packaging consumables and improve the circulation efficiency of the whole consumables.At present, our main products are stretch film, black stretch film, color stretch film, PVC stretch film, bubble film.Our company has 2 production bases, many Internet packaging consumables brands and Tmall, JingDong and other platforms POP and self-owned flagship stores, the company has been specializing in the production of winding film for more than 8 years.Our business philosophy is consistent with the "open, transparent, shared, responsible" spirit of the Internet. We look forward to growing together with our customers, employees and partners.

$1.55 - $2.00/Roll
300 Rolls(Min. Order)
$1.06 - $1.46/Kilogram
500 Kilograms(Min. Order)
$8.12 - $9.20/Roll
200 Rolls(Min. Order)

$0.46 - $0.52/Square Meter
500 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$0.12 - $0.14/Square Meter
800 Square Meters(Min. Order)
$0.49 - $0.55/Roll
420 Rolls(Min. Order)